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President Ian Ferguson 
Ph  0466 698 545
Vice President

Jason Sleep

Ph: 0418 799 710

Secretary Rose Walker
Treasurer Cathy Malone
Range Captain Daren Boorer
"Caboolture Bowmen is committed to promote
Archery in a social and family environment."


3DAAA (3D Archery Association of Australia) with which Caboolture & District Bowmen Inc are affiliated, promote shooting life-like 3D animal targets made from foam rubber. Targets are placed in natural settings at unmarked distances of up to 50 yards. There are 5 coloured pegs and many categories to cater for different age groups, and varying equipment levels. At a normal club shoot 40 targets would be shot, one arrow per target. In 3DAAA sanctioned shoots, a total of 50 targets over two days. Targets vary in sizes from a small fox to a large moose or Buffalo, and all have visible score zones. Highest score wins.

The club has practice butts in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and two ranges with paper targets are also set up for you to shoot at any time. Club members are welcome to come to the club at any time. We hold a club shoot (40 targets in 1 day) approximately once a month as well as our annual 3DAAA sanctioned shoot held over 2 days

Within South East Queensland, NSW and Victoria there are many archery clubs also associated with 3DAAA. Many of our members travel to these other clubs to compete in competitions and enjoy a weekend away camping in natural surroundings. Archery is a fun family sport that is run within a safe environment and we encourage everyone to give it a go!

Club Membership 

Membership fees are due every year on April 1st. Application forms are available at the club house or from the club house or from the club’s Secretary. There is a once off $10 administration fee added to the fees to cover costs such as key cutting, membership cards & postage. This $10 has been added to the fees listed below.

When you first apply for membership to the club there is a 1 (one) month probationary period. During this time you will be entitled to participate fully in club activities and can speak during general meetings. However, you will not be permitted to vote, propose or second motions at those meetings.

After the month you will become an Ordinary Full Member and will enjoy all privileges of the club. All members, over 18 years of age, will then be able to vote, propose and second motions at the meetings and will be eligible to hold office. You will also be issued with a key to the gate.

The committee reserves the right to terminate any membership if they deem it necessary to do so.

Membership Fees

(includes $10 Administration Fee)

                                        Cub/Junior         Adult         Family

1 April  (Full Fee)                 $50                 $65            $130

1 July - 31 Sept                   $40                 $50            $100

1 Oct - 31 Dec                    $30                 $40              $80

1 Jan - 31 Mar                   $20                 $30               $60

            Membership Form can be downloaded here

2019 Membership Form


 3DAAA Membership

When joining Caboolture Bowmen it is also essential for everyone to join 3DAAA, as they provide your insurance. This membership fee is compulsory when you join the club and will be added to your club membership fee. There are two different levels of membership within 3DAAA , one-year or three-year term and it is entirely up to you which level of membership you take, but for yours and the clubs safety and protection we cannot allow anyone who is not a member of 3DAAA to shoot at our club. Application forms are available from the club secretary or the 3DAAA website.

3DAAA Members are entitled to:

¨ $25 Million insurance coverage to shoot at their own club and at any 3DAAA affiliated club.

¨ Attend all major calendar events paying only set shoot fees.

¨ Receive points from major tournaments for annual awards.

¨ Receive trophies at 3DAAA Australian Titles.

¨ Receive a membership card.

¨ A rule book and/or amendments to rules are available on the 3DAAA website.

¨ Any news updates are available on the 3DAAA website.

¨ Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting

¨ Nominate or accept any nomination for a committee position.

Please Note:  The 3DAAA Rules of Shoot are available on the 3DAAA website and it is advisable that you avail yourself of the information in these guidelines.

3DAAA Membership Fees

                                                 ONE YEAR RATE           THREE YEAR RATE

                           ADULT                 $40.00                     $105.00

                            JUNIOR (13-17)        $30.00                      $75.00

                            CUB (Under 12)        $30.00                      $75.00

                            FAMILY                     $85.00                     $215.00

                                       (Family = 2 x adults + Juniors & Cubs)

Membership can be paid on-line by visiting the www.3daaa.com.au website.

Shoot Fees

When you arrive at the club, the first thing you must do is SIGN IN. This is VERY IMPORTANT!! If you fail to do so then you will not be covered by insurance should there be an accident. There is a book provided on the shelf at the clubhouse if the clubhouse is unattended. You must also pay your shoot fees each time you come to the club and your money should be placed through the slot in the wall. We are a small club with little income so these shoot fees are necessary to cover the costs of repairing the practice butts, and keeping the ranges and club house in good order.

Non Members are permitted to shoot at the club 3 times before they are required to join.

Note: We all come to the club to have a fun time and even those on the committee like to have fun too. We don’t like to keep chasing people to pay their fees, please be fair to your other club mates and pay the required fees.

             Practice Butts Only             -                     $2.00

             Practice Butts & Ranges     -                     $5.00


Once you  have paid your membership fee, you are free to come to the club at any time to practice. When you arrive there are rules to abide by.

[ Make sure you sign the members book and pay your fees before you go down to the practice butts or onto one of the courses.

[  Arrows are to be shot ONLY at the targets!! While you are at the club we expect all members to be sensible.  Archery can be dangerous and we will NOT tolerate any irresponsible behaviour.

[ All children must be supervised at all times. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to carry arrows onto the courses, adults must carry them.

[ When on the courses NEVER walk back, always follow the course as signed to return to the club house. Someone else may have arrived after you and may be shooting behind you.

[ No alcoholic beverages may be carried or consumed on any range or practice area.

[ There is No Smoking in the clubhouse area and No Smoking on the courses. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

[ Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times while on the ranges.

[ Please make sure that all rubbish goes into the bins provided and not left on the ground. Not only does this keep the club looking tidy but it is also necessary for the wildlife that we share the grounds with.

Remember we are all here to have fun and these rules are only common sense. We at Caboolture Bowmen pride ourselves on our safety record and good reputation in the sport of archery. We hope that you, as a member of the club, will enjoy yourself and make many new friends.

Archery is a sport of form and mind

To be successful you must master both